Outsourced V.P. of Marketing

Our Outsourced V.P. of Marketing service is a very personalized level of help designed to free up your time (owner, President or CEO) to focus on other aspects of your business while improving the results you’re getting from your marketing.

Results you can expect

  • Better results for your marketing investment
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Ongoing coordination of your in-house marketing staff and outside specialists to maximize results
  • Greater awareness of plans, actions and results. Marketing will no longer be “guesswork”
  • More time to spend with customers and other aspects of your business, while enjoying more leads, sales, and profits

“Andy has done a masterful job refining our marketing strategy and pulling all the resources together into a coherent plan. He’s incredibly knowledgeable — remarkably, I even learned more about Marketing in one session he led with our team than I did the last 37 years in the school of hard knocks!” Mike Kukol, Owner, Horizon Landscape Company


While I customize this service to meet the unique needs of each client, there are a few key aspects that ensure success:

  • Customized marketing strategy and annual marketing plan
  • Assembly of virtual marketing team made up of your staff and/or outside specialists
  • Monthly one-on-one strategy development sessions
  • Monthly project management and implementation sessions – these typically involve contributors to the marketing effort and are optional for the business owner
  • Customized, shared marketing dashboard to monitor performance
  • Shared project management website to stay abreast of key activities

If you are investing in marketing, but not getting consistent results, or are just tired of juggling all the pieces personally, our Outsourced V.P. of Marketing service may be the right solution.

I only take on a few clients for this service at a time, so it’s important that we explore the potential fit first. If you are serious about growing your business through more effective marketing, I offer a complimentary Next Level Strategy Session. Follow the link to let me know about your company and goals, or just give me a call at 925-683-1685 to talk.

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